WE ARE A LOCAL COMPANY, so when calling, you are likely to be greeted by someone you already know because we hire from within the communities we serve. Our success is founded on three fundamental principals. These are: HIGH VALUE PRODUCTS, FAST RELIABLE SERVICE, and EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE.

"I have empowered my managers to make decisions to facilitate these principals. However, should you have the occasion to experience anything less than that promised, I would greatly appreciate knowing about it immediately. I can be reached at 573-893-5800."
- Joe Birk- General Manager

Our products: we chose only to represent those that offer you, our customer, the best value from the leading manufacturers. Our people: We have invested thousands to insure each encounter you have with our staff is handled with complete professionalism. We believe in always giving a “Little Something Extra.” It’s not a motto, it’s an attitude. Fast Reliable Service: We believe “It’s all about service.” We have redesigned the way service is delivered. We call it our “One Call PMCS” program. When your machine is down, our technicians will come and fix it right the first time and do the preventive maintenance checks and services that makes your machine run as long as possible before needing additional service. This results in maximum productivity.

You can rely on Data Comm for High Value Products, Fast Reliable Service, and a Professional Staff.
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Production and Wide FormatProduction & Wide Format
Copy, print, scan, manage & distribute wide format documents.

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Production and Wide Format Copiers
Black and white or color copiers.

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Production and Wide FormatWorkgroup MFPs
Workgroup MFP’s for the most complex hardcopy output tasks.

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Production and Wide FormatDesktop Printers
Black and white or color desktop printers.

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Production and Wide Format Professional Services
Fax Servers, Print On Demand and Desktop Applications.

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Scanners Scanners
Canon scanners are reliable and priced just right!

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